Amanda Boaz | Safe Futures in New London

Amanda Boaz - Serve Here CT Fellow - Safe Futures in New LondonAmanda Boaz brings the spirit of Serve Here CT to life. Serving currently as a Data Programs Specialist at Safe Futures in New London, she also has been involved in community outreach and education at the organization. Safe Futures provides help and support to women and men trying to escape domestic abuse. The work at Safe Futures isn’t just theoretical to Amanda, it’s personal.

Several years ago, after leaving her abusive husband, Amanda found herself alone and struggling to provide for herself and her young son. After receiving emergency assistance and short-term housing from Safe Futures, Amanda began the long difficult journey of becoming financially stable. At one point Amanda was working four different jobs. It was around that time that Safe Futures recommended that Amanda apply to be a Serve Here CT Fellow.

As a fellow, Amanda has been able to afford an apartment of her own for the very first time. Now that she’s able to focus her energy on one full-time job, Amanda has been able to go back to school part time. She’s now completed about half the necessary credits to earn her associates degree.

“Serve Here CT allowed for me to get the job even with less education and experience because I showed I was willing to learn, work hard, and I was passionate about my community. My entire life has changed because of the program.”

Amanda’s experience as a Serve Here CT fellow has also inspired her to stay in New London permanently and invest in this community where she will raise her son.

“I think I will always stay close to this area. It’s home. There’s a lot of potential in New London to make it better. That is why I want to stay, to try to make things better for the next generation.”