Chelsea Turner | Riverfront Children’s Center in Groton

Chelsea Turner - Serve Here CT Fellow - Riverfront Children’s Center Groton, CT
Chelsea Turner serves as a development associate at The Riverfront Children’s Center in Groton, CT. The center provides affordable early childcare and education to low- and middle-income families often overlooked groups in the early childcare market. Chelsea’s work at the center reflects her passion: promoting the health and wellbeing of all women in her community.

Chelsea feels that society has been slow to adjust to the modern reality that many women are being forced to assume the roles of both financial and care providers for their children. These women require reliable and accessible care that fosters the growth and development of their children while they work. But because of the rising costs of care, many women struggle to find a suitable provider.

“I believe firmly in the mission of The Riverfront Children’s Center. Without the center, these families would not have anywhere to send their children.”

The Riverfront Children’s Center regularly has a waiting list approaching one hundred children because of the community demand for services; there are only three centers in Groton and New London that offer subsidized tuition costs. After witnessing the pronounced need for services, Chelsea believes that there must be an increased investment on the part of her community.

Chelsea is currently working on expanding community awareness about The Riverfront Children’s Center through grant writing. Prior to working at the center, Chelsea interned with two nonprofit organizations in Raleigh, North Carolina (the state she originally hails from) researching potential funding and writing grants. On a typical day, Chelsea is contacting new foundations and formulating proposals detailing why early care and education is an important community investment. She feels the role’s heavy emphasis on writing will translate well to academia, the route she later plans to pursue. It is Chelsea’s goal to obtain a masters in women’s studies and become a social researcher.

The money she will receive upon the completion of her Serve Here CT fellowship will help make this goal a reality. In addition, Chelsea has found the Serve Here CT program to play an instrumental role in her efforts to establish professional networks in the community, a struggle as a recent transplant to CT and college graduate.