How It Works

Serve Here CT fellows will establish relationships with people from all walks of life to build better communities. The program will empower them with the confidence to move beyond the burdens of debt, joblessness and underemployment by teaching the skills and making the community ties they need to succeed later in life.

  • Applicants can apply for employment through Serve Here CT’s website starting March 15. All hires must be made by Labor Day.
  • Serve Here CT will enable employers to find applicants who fit their employment opportunities. Employers can review approved applicants by logging into the employer area of this site. Jobs are available in town and city governments as well as nonprofit agencies that serve children, the elderly, and arts groups. The registered employer will receive a $10,000 grant toward the first year’s salary for the fellow. The Serve Here CT fellow will receive $10,000 towards academic debt or toward future study.
  • Once a Serve Here applicant has been hired, both the fellow and the employer must contact Danielle Ladia at Child and Family Agency. Danielle will assist you in completing the paperwork necessary to become a Serve Here CT participant. You can reach her at 860-443-2896 ext 1419.
  • During their year of employment, Serve Here CT fellows will write a case study exploring a problem that their employer organization is facing. Serve Here CT fellows will then come together to brainstorm and develop a proposal to solve their employer’s challenge. This “teaching by doing” will create valuable growth opportunities both for the fellows and their employers.
  • Serve Here CT will develop a learning module in which fellows will learn about the importance of the social and civic health of communities. This course will be taught one night a week at Three Rivers Community College.