Jayme Boling | United Services in Dayville

Jayme Boling - Serve Here CT Fellow - United Services“Are you safe?” “Do you have a plan to hurt yourself?” “Can we call 911 together?”

These are questions Jayme Boling walks through with clients on a regular basis as an Emergency Services Clinician at United Services in Dayville.

Boling describes herself as a mental health EMT. She is the first person to pick up the phone when a mentally distressed client calls and she’s assessing the situation fast to determine what immediate care that client needs. She performs bio-psychosocial intake assessments, creates treatment and therapy plans and helps equip family members to assist their loved one.

Boling is originally from Columbia, Maryland but recently moved to Connecticut with her husband who is in the Marines. Through United Services, Boling learned about the opportunity to become a ServeHereCT fellow and jumped at the prospect of paying off student loans and getting connected to her new community.

As a new transplant, ServeHereCT helped ground Boling to her new home in Norwich and helped her make friends and connections quickly.

For many military wives, finding community during their spouses’ assignments can be extremely challenging. The National Institutes of Health report that military spouses are often in positions of “transition and vulnerability.”

Boling has seen the challenges military spouses face first hand. Ultimately, Boling wants to use her profession as a mental health counselor to work with clients who have been affected by trauma and the stresses of military life.

Boling earned a BA in Deaf Studies from Towson University and earned her MSW from the University of Maryland School of Social Work.