Sandy Durosier | Higher Edge in New London

Sandy Durosier - Serve Here CT Fellow - Higher Edge in New London

Sandy Durosier’s journey to become a Serve Here CT fellow began over a decade ago and an ocean away in Haiti.

In 2005, she and her mother were forced to flee the country after her uncle was kidnapped during conflicts surrounding the coup d’état. As an immigrant in a foreign country, Durosier had to adapt quickly and was bombarded by challenges in her new home. In many ways, Durosier felt like she was on her own.

But then, in high school, Durosier was awarded a full ride scholarship through a program called Questbridge that enabled her to attend Wesleyan University and earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology and her Master’s in Cellular & Molecular Biology from the University of New Haven.

Today, Durosier is a Serve Here CT fellow and serves as a Success Advisor at Higher Edge in New London.

In this position, Durosier guides low-income and first-generation students through enrollment, retention, and graduation from college by providing the support and resources needed for success.

Durosier says she understands the challenges her students face because she faced them as a high school and college student.

“I know first-hand how important these kinds of programs are. I am the direct result of what Questbridge did for my education. In a lot of ways, I fell like I am paying it forward through what I do now.

Because I was those students, I understand them.”